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Svenska Klotterfonden

The Swedish

Vandalism Support Fund

The Swedish Vandalism Support Fund is a private foundation with the objective of providing financial assistance to perpetrators of criminal acts of creative expression, as determined by a court of law. 

Svenska Klotterfonden awards funding throughout the year with the intention of retroactively assisting individuals whose artistic activities have been impinged upon by financial obligations as the result of arrest and sentencing of punitive damages for tagging or other related activities of an artistic nature.

The applicant must have significantly altered some element of private or communal property of which the applicant has no legal ownership rights, and has been convicted of such actions in a court of law in order to be eligible for compensation from Svenska Klotterfonden.

The purpose of the foundation is to alleviate the cumbersome financial situation which the individual in question may be burdened with as a result of the legal punishment imposed on them.


Who is eligible to apply?

Financial support is available to individual practitioners of aesthetic alterations of the cityscape, which due to the subjective nature of beauty, has been deemed criminal in a judiciary setting. The applicant need not reside in Sweden, and the fine imposed on the individual does not have to be issued by the Swedish judicial system in order to be considered by the Svenska Klotterfonden.

How is an application evaluated?

The applications are assessed by a set of criteria established by Svenska Klotterfonden; artistic merit, the circumstances of the arrest, and the applicant's personal financial situation. The members of the Svenska Klotterfonden who review the applications strive for diversity across artistic genres, age, gender and location of work. All applications are treated confidentially due to the obviously sensitive nature of the cases involved.

Who assesses an application?

All decisions about financial disbursements are taken jointly by a committee of Svenska Klotterfonden members. 

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The financial support Svenska Klotterfonden provides to its beneficiaries varies in size depending on the pecuniary resources under the management of the fund at the time of application. It is not customary for the entire amount of damages the applicant has been court ordered to pay to be covered by the fund, usually partial amounts in the range of 10 - 75% of the fine or damages will be issued to applicant.