Q: I painted trains and had to pay damages to SL, can I get financial support to pay my fine?

A: Yes. The Swedish Vandalism Support Fund makes no distinction regarding whether your unauthorized work involved private or public property.

Q: I have previously been convicted of a misdemeanor but have thrown away all the police and court documents and therefore cannot submit all the necessary attachments, what do I do?

A: You can always request a copy of the case. Contact the district court or police station that handled your case. (In extraordinary circumstances, situations with particularly noteworthy conditions yet lacking complete documentation may still be considered).

Q: I have sketches of a graffiti piece that I plan to do in a place that is so exposed that I’m sure to get caught. Can I get money from the fund if I send pictures of the sketch and the site before?

A: No. The Swedish Vandalism Support Fund only provides financial support retroactively for works already in progress before the arrest. Note that disbursement of funds is not a guarantee, each application is judged based on the criteria stated above.

Q: My parents have already paid my fine, can I still apply for money from The Swedish Vandalism Support Fund to repay my parents?

A: Yes. However, in the case of funding granted to minors, The Swedish Vandalism Support Fund will need to contact the payee for financial disbursement.

Q: I got caught tagging at my school. I did not receive any fines but had to clean up, can I get a refund for expenses related to this?

A: No, unfortunately, The Swedish Vandalism Support Fund does not reimburse people for physical hardship or lost income. Only artistic activities that led to punitive damages administered by the legal system are considered.

Q: I was fined for illegal trespass before I could begin painting, can I apply for funds?

A: This kind of case is difficult to assess as the details of the circumstances are crucial. We recommend that you submit an application where you clearly describe the sequence of events. 

Q: How can I know for sure this is not a honeytrap to gather info on street artists?

A: The Swedish Vandalism Support Fund is for real, there are no other interests behind this unless to unload the financial burden of convicted street artists. We don't have any interest in getting information about or contact with people not sentenced.